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Call Peru for free

Friday, September 14th, 2012

To celebrate the launch of our Spanish website we are pleased to announce we are giving away unlimited free calls to Peru for a whole week! Calls to landlines in Peru will be free from 12pm (noon) GMT 14th September until 12pm (noon) GMT 21st September. Call from your mobile, landline or computer for as long as you want, to as many numbers as you want and we won’t charge you! After the offer ends calls to landlines in Peru will be charged at our normal cheap rate of 0.8p GBP / 1.1¢ USD or 1.4c EUR per minute.

We have recently translated our website into Spanish, in order to provide a better user experience for our Spanish speaking customers. You can visit our Spanish website at

Call Argentina for free

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

We are pleased to announce that we are giving away free calls to Argentina for a whole week! From 12pm noon GMT Thursday 6th September until 12pm noon GMT Thursday 13th September all calls to landlines in Argentina will be free. Customers can call for as long as they like, to as many numbers as they like and we won’t charge them. After the promotion ends calls will be charged at our normal cheap rate of 0.5p GBP / 0.6c EUR or 0.7¢ USD per minute. Visit our website to find out how to make free calls to Argentina.

Remember you can earn free credit by recommending your friends, so why not tell them about this offer and you’ll get 10% of their call credit each time they top-up for 90 days.

Lower rates to call Mexico

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been able to lower our rates to call Mexico! Now our customers can call their loved ones in Mexico from just 0.4p GBP / 0.6¢ USD or 0.4c EUR per minute to landlines and for 2.4p GBP / 3.8¢ USD or 3c EUR per minute to mobiles. Find out how to make cheap calls to Mexico.

Don’t forget to recommend us and you’ll earn up to £5 for each friend that signs up and adds credit by 30th June. Full details can be found on our website on our recommend a friend page. The more new customers we get, the cheaper we’ll be able to make other call rates in the future.