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Free Calls to 34 Countries for Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 12th, 2010

At Localphone we’re all about helping people communicate, and when is communicating more important than on Valentine’s Day?

This Sunday 14th February we’re giving away free calls to 34 countries around the world, all day long.

For full details and a list of the countries in this promotion please visit our call promotions page.

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50% Off International SMS Messaging for February

Monday, February 8th, 2010

I’m pleased to announce that we’re halving our SMS rates to all destinations from now until the end of February.

Just as we have done with cheap international calling, we’re going to drive down the cost of sending SMS messages abroad while maintaining a reliable, high-quality service.

Here are some of our new half-price rates to popular destinations:

Destination GBP USD EUR
Bangladesh 1.85p 2.5¢ 2c
China 3.3p 4.5¢ 3.6c
Germany 4.75p 6.5¢ 5.2c
India 1.85p 2.5¢ 2c
Pakistan 1.85p 2.5¢ 2c
South Africa 2.2p 2.4c
Thailand 1.85p 2.5¢ 2c
UAE 2.2p 2.4c

All International SMS Rates

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