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4G ready apps launched

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

We are delighted to let you know that our iPhone and Android apps have been upgraded and are now 4G ready!

Customers who subscribe to a 4G mobile network can now take full advantage of the speeds on offer, receiving unparalleled call quality when connected to 4G mobile Internet.

Both iPhone and Android apps are compatible with the latest 4G (LTE) technology and are optimized to be location-aware and intelligently moderate the quality of a call. Customers will be able to take advantage of the best possible connection and performance available to them.

Using the latest in voice technology, our apps are able to determine customers’ locations worldwide and customize call quality so the best quality and fastest performance is received. If 4G/LTE is available the Localphone software will recognize this and give users the best call quality and fastest performance possible. Find out more about the Localphone 4G ready iPhone and Android apps.

Using Localphone’s already well-established international voice network, customers are assured you are receiving the best voice quality available to you, whatever your situation.

Our CEO, Paul Cusack, commented, ‘Everyone is talking about 4G and mobile network operators are gearing up for the next generation of mobile data. At Localphone we’re proud to announce that we are ready for the new technology when it arrives. Our 4G ready apps are currently available for iPhone and Android users and we look forward to announcing more updates in the near future.’

Features of our iPhone and Android apps:

  • Two calling modes. You can choose between Internet and local calls mode so it works wherever you are
  • Manage your contacts on the go and import your existing numbers
  • Send international texts from 1.8p
  • Check call and text rates to any number or country
  • Real-time account balance is displayed so you know exactly how much credit you have
  • Visit the Localphone website to download the free iPhone and Android apps.

    Make WiFi calls on our new iPhone app

    Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

    We’re pleased to announce we’ve launched our new iPhone app, which is available to download for free from iTunes. Download our iPhone app today.

    The new app has a number of new features including two modes of calling, which allows you to choose between WiFi/3G calls or local calls! Using the LOCAL calls mode means your calls will be made using a local number which connects to your international contact. You’ll pay our low rates plus your mobile provider’s local rates. These are usually included in your free minutes.
    Tap the call mode button to switch to WiFi/3G mode and calls will be made using your Internet connection. You’ll save money by using this mode because all you’ll pay is our low call rate and there are no local charges. The app will use WiFi when available and will switch to 3G when you are out of range.

    Our share functionality is another new feature we have added. You’ll get your referral bonus when you tell your friends about the app via email, SMS and social networks. You can also view your call and text history in the app as well as accessing our help centre and finding answers to frequently asked questions.

    Make sure you download the Localphone iPhone app and remember to leave us a review in the App store. The app is currently available for customers in countries where we have access numbers. Visit our help section to find out if it is available in your country. We are working on making the app available in more countries and look forward to announcing updates in the future.