Upcoming Changes to Our Pakistan Rate

Localphone aims to gradually reduce our rates over time as our service grows and we are able to negotiate better deals with our suppliers. Unfortunately from time to time an external force interferes with this plan and as of Sunday 1st February the Pakistan government’s tax on companies that handle calls into the country will cause a huge surge in our suppliers’ rates.

Inevitably this means we will also have to increase our rates, and from the morning of February 1st the cost of calling Pakistan landlines and mobiles will be 10.3p for UK customers, 11.4c for Euro customers, and 12.5¢ per minute for USD customers.

Please understand that Localphone will not profit from this increase, and will in fact make less money than before. We have set these new prices at the bare minimum we can afford to continue to function as a business. We are confident that as with the last time the Pakistan government dictated a price increase in 2008, we will quickly be able to lower our rates again as the market settles.

This is a situation that we deeply regret, and feel unfairly persecutes Pakistanis abroad and legitimate companies trying to provide quality calls. All companies that use legal routes into Pakistan will be affected so we expect our competitors will announce similar rate increases shortly if they have not already.

Please rest assured that we value each of our customers who call Pakistan and will work tirelessly to secure more favourable rates for you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continuing loyalty and support.

Best wishes,
Paul Cusack, CEO.

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