Pakistan Price Changes

We’re sorry to announce to those of you who call Pakistan that at 9pm tonight UK time (20:00 UTC) our rate to Pakistan will rise to £0.06 / $0.12 / €0.078 per minute.

The government of Pakistan has increased taxes for incoming international phone calls massively by increasing the ASR (Approved Settlement Rate) from USD $0.025 per minute to $0.10. This affects all carriers who terminate calls to Pakistan and Localphone will not benefit from this increase.

Rest assured that we are constantly working with our suppliers to get Localphone customers the best possible rates and we hope to be able to offer price reductions in the near future.

You can read more about the Pakistan tax changes that have forced this price increase on the official PTA announcement here (63k PDF).

We still offer great quality, cheap international calls using a local access number.

Update: Our CEO discusses the rate increase
Update: We have managed to source a new supplier and have reduced our rate to Pakistan

2 Responses to “Pakistan Price Changes”

  1. nurdinv Says:

    This is really terrible news. The price increase is almost 4 times more. I didn’t hear anything like this from other service providers.

  2. blog Says:

    We definitely appreciate and share your disappointment at the Pakistani Government’s decision to implement this tax rise. Please be assured that no company will be able to avoid this charge, as our CEO discusses on this blog.