Localphone Is Evolving

As part of Localphone’s continual improvements, we now offer the ability to make cheap international calls using your existing mobile or landline (without the use of a computer, telephone adapter or SIP

To make use of this service, use the Localphone website to add the telephone numbers you will call from and then add the numbers you would like to call. We then give you a local number to dial.

For example, if you are based in Sheffield, UK and want to call your aunt in Australia: we will give you a Sheffield number to dial that gets straight through to her!

Simple – you get a local number for each international number you want to call. Save the local number to your phone and enjoy great international rates!

Even better, your landline / mobile plan may offer include free calls, so you’ll only pay Localphone rates for an international call! The service is currently only available to users of UK landlines & UK
mobiles, but we will be adding more countries very soon.

To enable cheap international calls from your mobile/landline, log in to Localphone and click “Upgrade My Account For Free”.

Reminder: you don’t lose any of the features you currently have!

Find out more: How It Works


Paul Cusack
Localphone Ltd

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