Massive Reductions On International Calling

As part of our ongoing commitment to fantastic value, Localphone have slashed the cost of calling the following destinations…

Updated International Call Rates
Locality Old Tariff New Tariff You Save
All prices in pence per minute, inclusive of VAT.
India Landline 4.92p 2.79p 43%
India Mobile 4.92p 2.99p 39%
Pakistan Landline (Karachi) 3.63p 1.99p 45%
Pakistan Landline (Other) 3.63p 2.5p 31%
Pakistan Mobile 3.63p 2.5p 31%
Poland Landline 1.4p 0.79p 43%
Poland Mobile 6.45p 4.99p 23%
Romania Landline (Bucharest) 2.81p 1.9p 32%
Romania Landline (Other) 4.09p 1.99p 51%
Romania Mobile 14.21p 7.99p 44%
China Landline 1.15p 0.79p 31%
China Mobile 1.15p 0.79p 31%
Bahamas Landline 3.04p 1.75p 42%
Barbados Landline 8.8p 4.99p 43%
New Zealand Landline 1.4p 0.79p 44%
New Zealand Mobile 14.79p 11.99p 19%
Afghanistan Landline 18.79p 14.99p 20%
Afghanistan Mobile 18.79p 14.79p 21%
Albania Landline 5.63p 3.99p 29%
Algeria Landline 8.97p 5.99p 33%
Anguilla Landline 11.15p 7.99p 28%

That’s an average saving of 30% for our customers!

Check out the rest of our fantastic international call rates, or start saving today with a free Localphone account.

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