Are You Getting Ripped Off By Calling Cards?

Many of our new customers are used to making international calls using pre-paid calling cards, and are surprised by how good Localphone’s prices are when calling abroad. The great thing about Localphone’s rates are that there are no hidden charges. Unlike calling cards we don’t charge you when you aren’t making calls, we don’t charge you a connection fee and with Localphone your credit is yours. Believe it or not, many calling cards expire after a few months, and your unused call credit is gone forever!

Now for the good news. You can use Localphone like a calling card, by simply dialling one of our 700+ access numbers and dialling your friends and family in any country in the world. You save money because of Localphone’s incredible international rates.

We’ve put together a page to compare calling cards to Localphone. We think you will agree that Localphone will save you money when calling abroad.

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