Localphone has a brand new website

New Localphone Website

It’s here – our brand new, shiny website. We’ve given it a whole new-look, and have been working hard to make it easier for you to use. The site is more informative with some new and exciting features to help you get the most out of our services.

Check out the new stuff below:

  • We’ve renamed Direct Dial to Local Numbers
    When you log in you’ll see the Local Numbers tab where you can add new contacts. If you can SMS to your Local Numbers we also now list the cost to text. You’ll only see this if your location is set to the UK or America.

  • There are new logged-in tabs to help you discover our services
    Each section has got extra information in the form of a “learn more” link to help you understand how to use our services. Visit My Account to take a look.

  • The VoIP page has changed to include a brand new desktop phone
    We’ve re-named the service to Internet Phone to make it a bit clearer for people who don’t know what VoIP is. We’ve also launched a brand new desktop phone that makes calling from your computer even easier.

  • You can now click to call from our site
    Dial Online is another new service which lets you make an international call between two phones by clicking a button on our site.

  • Log in using your Facebook Account
    You can now log in to Localphone using your Facebook account – it’s quick and it’s easy.
  • And that’s it! Head on over and look around.
    And don’t worry if you miss something as there’s lots to see, but in the coming weeks we’ll write posts to remind you about some of the new features and services. Please be sure to tell us what you think of the new site. We’re keen to hear your feedback, so why not leave your comments here.

38 Responses to “Localphone has a brand new website”

  1. Meg Says:

    Absolutely hate this new website. It is enough to make me wanna close my account! Where is the ‘send sms’ next 2 contact? Where do I see sms history or whether sms was actually sent (like before)? Sorry I want the previous site back. Let’s see what other people are saying…

  2. Localphone Says:

    Hello Meg. Thank you for taking the time to write in with your feedback.

    The link to view your SMS history was on the bottom of the SMS page, but I have moved it above the form so it is easier to find like the old site.

    If you look at the “Contacts” menu you can see a list with link to SMS next to each. We’ve tried to keep the Local Numbers page focused solely on that product but I can appreciate the convenience of having the SMS link there so will pass your feedback on to our design team.

  3. Mr. Mahmed F UNIA Says:

    I have just added £3 credit now. Credit showed 73p excluding vat when I added £3 I was charged £3.60p on card added £3 only, shows now £3.73p. It doesnot make sense. Total with vat should be £4.47p excluding vat should be £3.73p.
    You should change back to old system.

  4. max Says:


    Great website and good job but if possible in the internet phone to see if the device is connected or not in the past this feature exist.

    Also when clicking on contacts if it is possible to see again the original number not only the local number


  5. Kaushal Says:

    Hey what have you done with the website. Though it looks good but it is not at all user friendly which the USP of LocalPhone.

    It is so hard to locate the call option or send SMS options on home page. The primary features of any website should be mostly easily visible ans ideally should be kept at the top not at the bottom.

  6. AI CHIEM Says:

    I hate this new web site . A lot of things are hiding under submenu. The voip device’s IP adddress is missing . please go back to the old one or provide all voip devices information in detail. If it isn’t broke .Don’t fix it. Thankyou.

  7. Alan Says:

    Got to agree with other posts I hate it

    Visually its awful and the incoming number set up does not work on Android

  8. Localphone Says:

    Mr. Mahmed F UNIA – thanks for your feedback.

    We’re planning to add a link to the Cart page that allows you to decide whether you want the top up amount to be inclusive or exclusive of VAT. We hope to make this update soon and it should give you more control.

    On the new site we’ve switched to show the balance as ex VAT – that’s why you’re seeing £3.73. As we develop new services like our desktop phone we need to show the balance in much smaller spaces – removing the toggle option and making it always ex VAT helps us to do this (and make it consistent). It seems to be what other similar services do too. We realise this is a change so hope it’s not too confusing for our users.

  9. Localphone Says:

    Hi Max.

    We made quite a few changes to the VOIP page to launch our new desktop phone. Thanks for flagging the fact that the previous “active devices” feature is missing – we’ll work to put this back in as soon as we can.

    We’re also planning to add the international number as a column on the contacts page so this will follow soon. Please bear with us!

  10. Localphone Says:

    Hello Kaushal

    Glad you like the look of it – sorry that you’re finding it less easy to use. Your call and SMS options are still there as soon as you login to My Account.

    Our aim was to improve the way that the content is organised. The introduction of new features like Dial Online and others we plan to add in the future meant the current navigation needed a re-think. We hope you find it easier to use as you get used to it!

  11. palok Says:

    Beautiful but one thing i am really missing. previous website showed how many minutes i can use more but new one does not have that options !

  12. Andy Says:

    I am afraid my first impression of the new website is also bad.
    I don’t like the new big text and colours with less information now on each page. Also specifically on the history page, I hate this new format of just dates in numbers? Where’s the day of the week? Why is all the text so large? Has the whole site been set up for people with bad eyesight? Generally I think from a professionally laid out site the new one has a cheap look and feel. My view is that this “new look”site is definitely not an improvement with less information available on each page.
    Sorry. You did ask for comments.

  13. Localphone Says:


    We fixed the issue which meant active devices page was missing. You can now find this in the settings section of the Internet Phone tab. It shows your devices and the IP address.

  14. Localphone Says:

    Palok – we’re glad you like it. You can find the number of minutes you have on the contacts page. It’s listed under the rate to call and the rate to text.

  15. Localphone Says:

    Andy – sorry you’re not so keen on the new site. We’ll pass your feedback to our designers.

  16. Localphone Says:

    Thanks for everyone for your feedback. We’ve been working to make updates today. Here are details of new additions:

    * The contacts page now shows the full international number
    * You can now see your active devices again (bottom of the Internet Phone page)
    * You can toggle your cart total between inc VAT and exc VAT again
    * The Local Numbers page now includes the Calling Card number and speed dial next to each contact if you have more contacts than we have access numbers in your location

  17. max Says:

    thanks for the quick update you made on the site. i think there is another update should be done. in the history in the past it showed the number that we called from and now it is empty . it only show the voip number only thanks

  18. Localphone Says:

    Thanks Max we’ll look into it

  19. Susie Says:

    Hi, I don’t mind the larger font at all. However, from time to time I print out my list, and now I cannot find Manage Contacts.

    If you can add that back I’m fine with the new site.


  20. Localphone Says:

    Hi Susie

    You can still print your contacts. The “print” link is on the Local Numbers tab sitting above the list of numbers (on the top right).

    You’ll also find a contacts page in the menu below My Account

  21. orangemad Says:

    Dont like the new website , been using localphone for over 2 years. with no problems

  22. Ramesh Says:

    I would also like to see the actual telephone no being dialled as was the case on the old site

  23. Harry Says:

    Hey guys…
    The website is good just some features missing noting else… these guys spend 100’s of hours making a website it is hard work so instead of firing them them tell the errors… and can you please keep the old view as well… I dont think so its something hard to do.. the website is too mixed up… some of the old features we are used to are missing… well, I know it would work n feedback… so try your best …

  24. Localphone Says:

    Ramesh – thanks for your comment. You can still see your telephone numbers on the contact page (under the name on the left).

  25. Localphone Says:

    Hi Harry – thanks for your support.

    Unfortunately, we can’t keep the old and new view. We are happy to take on board comments though and have been making updates to put back any missing features that people found useful.

  26. Tajuddin Says:

    I like local phone and using it for over 2 years now. Only one thing I do not like is transaction processing time. It does not validate the paypal transaction instantly which is a bit annoying. Also the price is a bit higher than other calling cards in Australia particularly for Bangladesh.

  27. Arun Says:

    Dear Team,

    I think having iphone app for localphone would be a great value add. Features like directly dialing international numbers from the app without mapping with local number or at least use the mapped numbers directly, add new contact and retrive local number and checking balance will improve utility of this great service.



  28. Herry Says:

    Thanks for your reply, but I agree with Tajuddin it really annoys me as well when the transaction is not instantly processed, please do something about it at least for users who are already using the same payment details for long time. Thanks…

  29. Localphone Says:

    Thanks for your feedback Arun – iphone app is on the list so watch this space!

  30. Herry Says:

    Some more… In addition the localphone logo on this page should take back to localphone home page from the blog page but the link is given for the same page. If you change it it would be more user friendly.

    Thank You

  31. Name Says:

    Cool look, pleasant look…..More user friendly , navigation is easy ……catalog information is more organized……3 cheers to the team ………I have been using ur srvice for past 2 years keep rocking

  32. Mike G Says:

    Took me a minute to find things, but it is logical, so good. Not so sure about the colour scheme, it kind of reminds me of a visit to the local GP for some reason. The old colour scheme was a bit more suitable. Also, why the fixed widths? You’re not using all the screen real estate and users need to do more scrolling. Anyway, kudos to the designers!

  33. Sree S Says:

    I am glad there has been some work put into change the look of the website though I quite liked the old one. A few niggles/suggestions I cant help but mention

    1. The new website is considerably slower in navigation from page to page and also logging into the account takes ages compared to the old.

    2. Option to switch to the old site for users would have been great, for people like me who liked the robustness of the old website and would move eventually when the new one is better.

    3. A very very annoying change was displaying the contacts sorted in alphabetical order!!! Why was this done? It was very easy for user to look up the contact when you had sorted by the direct dial number!!! I personally had my contacts listed in priority order. Now I tend to use Ctrl+F on the browser to find a contact! Please please change it to sort by Direct Dial number for each contact or atleast do give an option so the user can change it when logged in.

    4. Another one about the display of contacts. In the Home/My Account page, old website used to show Contact name, Contact Full International Number, Direct dial number, call & sms cost, now in the New website the Contact Full International Number is MISSING! When I see my Local Numbers I’d just like to know what number I am calling to. Please fix this… truly annoying

    Other than that, really good job on the website look and feel and as usual you guys have done a brilliant job in helping cutomers like us stay connected with our dear ones.

  34. Localphone Says:

    Hi Sree

    Thanks for the detailed feedback. We stripped back the Local Numbers page to try and make it focussed on that activity – research suggested that showing just the number a user has to dial rather than both numbers would make it easier to understand.

    I realise that this is a change though and it must be frustrating that things have moved. Based on feedback we’re planning to re-look at the layout of the new local numbers page.

    In the meantime, if you navigate to “contacts” you can see your full list of numbers on there. We are also planning to add a sorting function in the coming months to make it easier for our users who have many contacts.

  35. Andy Says:

    Although this new site has a fresh and more modern look to it, I have to agree with a lot of the other comments. It seems to be using a huge amount of page space compared to the old pages but showing less info. For example the contacts page used to show the no to dial, the corresponding “actual no”, possible call time, and it showed you your calling card no plus more I’m sure. Yes, I grant you this stuff is still there to find, well, most of it, but you have to click on something different for access to each thing. Not what would be considered user friendly. I am sure if you combined the look of this site with the functionallity of the old one people would be much happier.

  36. Andy Says:

    Just another couple of things. When you open the login page why can it not go to the login option as the priority instead of the registration page and then having to click on ” I am an existing user”
    Secondly there is a check box for “remember me” which doesn’t appear to work. When you click to open the page you still get blank fields even though the box is checked.

  37. Localphone Says:

    Thanks for your feedback Andy – when you click on Log in make sure you click “Log in” and not “Sign up” – that way you’ll always be able to log straight in.

    We’ll look into why the “remember me” box isn’t working too.

  38. Localphone Says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments, it has been very helpful. We’re closing comments on this post now but if you’d still like to feedback you can get in touch here