Call Friends and Loved Ones in Pakistan for Less

Many customers have written to us in the wake of the recent flood disaster in Pakistan asking for a temporary discount on our call rates so they can keep in contact with their loved ones.

After negotiating with our suppliers in the country they have generously agreed to reduce our costs, allowing us to immediately lower the cost of calls to Pakistan to just $0.079 USD / £0.053 GBP / €0.064 EUR per minute. I am also pleased to announce that despite only recently reducing our rates, this is not a temporary change but our new standard rate to Pakistan.

Recent United Nations estimates give the number of people suffering as a result of these floods at over 13.8 million, as well as causing billions of dollars of damage to infrastructure and crops. We hope these reduced call rates will go some way to giving comfort as the recovery process begins.

With the massive infrastructure damage there may be some call quality or connectivity issues, but please don’t hesitate to contact us and our engineers will work hard to find alternative routes for your calls.

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