A New Market-Leading Rate to India From Localphone

Hot on the heels of our recent price reduction (Jan 26th – “New Recession Busting Rates to Call India“) I am pleased to announce yet another drop in the cost of calling India. Effective immediately our new rate to India landlines and mobiles is a market-leading 1.9p GBP / 2.9¢ USD / 2.3c EUR per minute.

This is not just a short-term gimmick or promotion, and there are no terms, hidden fees, or minimum top-ups; just low rates and a great quality, direct route to India.

Thanks to the enthusiastic response to our most recent round of price drops we have already been able to return to our suppliers and negotiate a better rate; savings we are passing straight on to you.

Don’t forget; the longer you call, and the more friends you recommend, the stronger our position to negotiate even better rates on your behalf. I’d like to thank you once again on behalf of everybody at Localphone for your continued loyalty and support.

Best wishes,
Paul Cusack, CEO.

8 Responses to “A New Market-Leading Rate to India From Localphone”

  1. foraccounts Says:

    I belive you have http://voipguides.blogspot.com/ to thank, at least partially, for the increased response. He has been promoting your service quite enthusiastically. As for myself, I already have a good balance at trueroots. I will try your service when I need more credit.

  2. blog Says:

    Hello, foraccounts.

    We’ve been very glad to see VoIPGuides rave about the Localphone service.

    I hope you get to try Localphone soon. We’d love to hear your feedback when you do – http://www.localphone.com/contact

  3. dgkm Says:

    Hi There,

    Along with introducing new low rates if you could provide an user friendly and intuitive approach to your international calling services through an option to have only one unique virtual number registered per customer to access his/her contact list and dial out the selected number from a stored contact list via IVR, rather than having your customers to create one unique virtual number for each of the destination number they have to dial.

    Additional options could be:
    – Option to store dialed numbers through IVR
    – Option to manage contact list through through IVR
    – Option to add and remove calling phone number through IVR
    – Check and top up credits through IVR

    All the above features would provide more easier and personalized experience to your customers in an efficient way through ‘create once and reuse in many ways’ concept. I hope you should be able to enable these features with-in no time in your existing setup.

    On top of the reduction in price, the above usability features actually could bring real value to your customers.


  4. blog Says:

    Hello, dgkm.

    Thank you for taking the time to write in. In the sidebar of the Localphone dashboard there is your local “International Calling Card” access number which when dialled allows you to call any number in the world. You can also check your balance from this number by following the simple menu options.

    I have passed your recommendations about adding IVR and the additional options on to our engineers. If you are subscribed to this blog and/or our newsletter you should get an update whenever we roll out any improvements to the service.

  5. gthbvf Says:

    Registerd and started using localphone today….excelllent call quality/web, interface/UK DID ….loving it so far….. Any plan to inroduce USA DID and start expanding business in US by selling ATA….this may quickly attrack USA customers like me who can replace there landline with localphone.


  6. blog Says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the service, Shrikant. Thank you for the suggestions — stay tuned to the blog for updates on these.

  7. Ravi Balla Says:

    I have been using this for about 6 months now. Great Quality, Great Rates, & a very intuitive user friendly web site. I really commend your service. I have used at least a dozen other services before but this is the best so far, Keep it up.

  8. blog Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Ravi. We’re working hard on some great new projects that should really help people get the most out of Localphone, so hopefully we’ll be the last service you need 🙂