Local Numbers Now Available in Ireland

We’re pleased to announce that we have added local access numbers in Dublin, Ireland. This means that customers in Ireland can now use our direct-dial and calling card services straight from their landline or mobile.

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What Does This Mean for Our Irish Customers?

Calling cards often use premium or national rate access numbers from which they get a kick-back, meaning they can keep their advertised per-minute rate deceptively low. Localphone access numbers are just normal local landlines, calls to which are often included as part of your landline or mobile contract’s free minutes! This is just one reason why Localphone is better than calling cards.

What About Everyone Else?

As of today, we have access numbers in Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the USA.

If we don’t have local numbers in your country yet you can still make great savings by calling from your computer with the Localphone VoIP service. We’re always looking to expand into more countries, so if you’d like to see Localphone access numbers where you are let us know!

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