Feedback and reviews

At Localphone we’re proud to offer our customers one of the best international calling services in the world, so we want to share with you some of the great feedback and reviews we have been receiving. Check out this fantastic write up from about how Localphone began and the different services we offer.

We’ve also had some glowing feedback from one of our customers, Mr Holmes from the Apache Software Foundation, who uses our service for business and when talking to clients. ‘I’m a serious Localphone fan. I work for a US company, so often need to make calls to colleagues. Likewise, I sometimes have to go there. Bringing together a few tricks (a localphone local number, a US SIM card, and a redirect by my phone company), I can avoid all roaming charges when abroad. It costs me 0.4p/min to call the UK, and costs me 0.4p/min to ‘receive’ calls to my UK mobile, when I am in the USA. This is cool. And I couldn’t do it without a service like yours.’

If you’d like us to hear your feedback and suggestions and have them published on our blog, please contact us.

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