Price reductions

Thanks to your continued support we are delighted to let you know that we have been able to reduce our rates by up to 40% for some of our popular calling destinations, effective immediately. The table below shows the new rates for our popular countries and you can also log into your account to view the full list of countries and rates.

Don’t forget you can also earn free credit when you recommend Localphone to your friends and family. For each friend who signs up we’ll give you 10% of their call credit every time they top up for 90 days.

Popular countries Old Price New Price
India 1.0p 0.8p
Thailand 1.1p 0.9p
Egypt 5.4p 4.4p
Ghana 10.9p 10.8p
Malaysia 1.5p 1.0p
Australia 6.2p 4.8p
Philippines 6.2p 5.4p
Iran 4.1p 3.4p
Israel 2.4p 1.5p
South Africa 7.4p 4.7p
Uganda 5.3p 4.9p
UAE 9.9p 7.4p
Lebanon 6.5p 3.9p

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