Announcing Massive Rate Reductions

We’re very pleased to announce massive rate reductions across thousands of destinations, with more than 50% off to some countries!

Over recent weeks we’ve negotiated hard with our suppliers and we’re passing the savings on to you, including calls to popular destinations like:

We can offer these great new rates without switching to poorer quality routes, so you can expect the same great reliability and crystal clear calls.

Every call and every new customer helps us lower the cost even further, so don’t forget to recommend Localphone to your friends and family to earn 10% of their credit, and cheaper international calls for everyone!

As part of this rate review we’ve tried to simplify our pricing to certain destinations, offering single rates to landlines and mobiles and rounding rates like 0.9¢ up to 1¢ per minute. We’ve tried to limit the number of users affected by these small increases, and they still represent excellent value for money for your international calls.

To check our new rates just log in to our site and view your contacts, or look up the cost in our pricing section.

Thank you for your continued support—we look forward to announcing even lower rates as you continue to help us grow.

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