Direct Dial and Calling Card Now in Germany!

Hot on the heels of launching our service in South Africa, I’m pleased to announce that our most popular products are now available for users living in or travelling to Germany. As of today you can now use Localphone access numbers in Berlin, Dortmund, and Frankfurt.

With Direct Dial we’ll give you a different German landline number to call for each of your contacts. When you dial these local numbers you’ll be connected straight through—no need for account numbers or PINs.

With our Virtual Calling Card you can call one German number to manage your Localphone account and to dial any number in the world.

Don’t forget you can already purchase Incoming Numbers in Germany. These appear as normal landline numbers but can be forwarded to your landline or mobile anywhere in the world at our great international rates, or for free to a Localphone VoIP account.

Existing users can get German access numbers by clicking the “change” link next to “Your Location” near the top of the Localphone Direct Dial page. New users should select Germany as “Your Country” when signing up for their free test call.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family in Germany and you can call and SMS for free!

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