Rate Cuts to Hundreds of Destinations

We have recently completed a thorough review of all of our call destinations and I’m happy to inform you that we have been able to cut the cost of calling hundreds of locations.

Our new rates came into effect at 12:00 GMT today (13th July) so you may already be saving even more when calling with Localphone.

Just a few of our more popular destinations that are now cheaper include:

New Rate
Destination GBP USD EUR
Bangladesh 2.6p /min 3.5¢ /min 2.9c /min
India 1.8p /min 2.5¢ /min 2.1c /min
Malaysia 1.1p /min 1.4¢ /min 1.2c /min
New Zealand – Mobile 11.5p /min 16.0¢ /min 13.2c /min
Pakistan 5.7p /min 7.9¢ /min 6.5c /min
South Africa – Mobile 7.9p /min 10.9¢ /min 9.0c /min
Thailand 0.8p /min 1.0¢ /min 0.9c /min

Please check the international call rates section on the Localphone website to see all of our fantastic new rates.

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