Price Drop to Match the UK’s VAT Reduction

As I’m sure many of you aware, from Monday 1st of December 2008 the rate of VAT in the UK is falling from 17.5% to 15%. As a result we will be lowering the majority of our GBP and EUR rates to match (note that not all destinations will be affected due to rounding and banding). Customers with USD accounts are not charged VAT and as a result their rates will be unaffected.

Upcoming Rates to Popular Destinations
Destination Current Rate New Rate
India Landlines & Mobiles 2.5p 2.4p
Pakistan Landlines & Mobiles 4.9p 4.8p
Ukraine Landlines & Mobiles 6.9p 6.8p

The new rates will come into force at 00:00 GMT on Monday 1st December. Strictly speaking we should also lower customers’ current call credit balance to match the VAT reduction, but as a gesture of good will to our loyal customers we have decided to let you keep the difference.

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