Huge Savings Across 100’s of Destinations

As we pass our first year in business we have looked at each and every country to see where we can afford to cut our rates, and the good news is we’ve found hundreds of destinations where we can save you even more money.

There are too many savings to list here, but a few of our more popular destinations include:

Old Rate New Rate
Australia 0.8p 1.6¢ 1.07c 0.7p 0.9c
India 2.8p 3.7c 2.5p 3.9¢ 3.3c
Pakistan 5.6p 8.9¢ 7.9c 4.9p 7.1¢ 6.4c
Thailand 0.89p 1.5¢ 1.19c 0.8p 1.2¢ 1.1c

Our new low rates are effective immediately, so please check our call rates or your dashboard to see if your tariff has been reduced.

No Compromise on Quality

With our latest round of price cuts we believe we have positioned ourselves as a true market leader balancing both quality and cost. Where a competitor advertises lower rates they are likely hiding the true cost of calling, or have sacrificed quality to achieve that price. Where a competitor’s rates are higher we do not believe they will offer the quality to justify the difference. As we continue to grow we will use our increased buying power to achieve even lower rates for our customers.

Rate Increases

While reviewing our tariffs we also found a few destinations where we simply can’t continue to offer acceptable levels of quality and still turn a profit at the current rates. We’ll be e-mailing those affected shortly and will post notices on the Localphone site, before updating these rates early next week.

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