Save Even More On International Calls

We’ve been cutting the cost of calling even more countries this week!

Updated International Call Rates
Locality Old Tariff New Tariff You Save
All prices in pence per minute, inclusive of VAT.
Afghanistan Landline 14.99p 12.69p 15%
Afghanistan Mobile 14.79p 13.69p 7%
Australia Landline 1.40p 0.99p 29%
Australia Mobile 10.56p 7.99p 24%
Bahrain Landline 6.45p 2.99p 54%
Bahrain Mobile 6.33p 4.99p 21%
Israel Landline 1.40p 0.99p 29%
Israel Mobile 5.63p 4.49p 20%
South Korea Landline 1.40p 0.89p 36%
South Korea Mobile 3.87p 3.49p 10%

That’s an average saving of 20% for our customers!

See our full international tariff, or sign up for your free account and start saving now!

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