Further International Call Tariff Reductions

In addition to our Half-Price January Sale on calls to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, this week we’ve reduced the cost of calling the following countries…

Updated International Call Rates
Locality Old Tariff New Tariff You Save
All prices in pence per minute, inclusive of VAT.
Antigua and Barbuda 9.98p 6.00p 40%
Bermuda 6.51p 3.99p 39%
British Virgin Islands 8.10p 6.50p 20%
Canary Islands 1.40p 0.79p 44%
Cayman Islands 9.03p 4.99p 45%
Dominica Landline 7.27p 6.99p 4%
Dominica Mobile 12.80p 10.99p 14%
Dominican Republic Landline 4.09p 2.99p 27%
Dominican Republic Mobile 8.44p 6.99p 17%
Grenada Landline 12.33p 6.99p 43%
Grenada Mobile 12.33p 9.99p 19%
Hawaii 1.15p 0.99p 14%
Jamaica Landline 6.92p 4.99p 28%
Jamaica Mobile 14.56p 9.99p 31%
Montserrat 11.15p 7.99p 28%
Northern Mariana Islands 3.44p 1.99p 42%
Puerto Rico 1.28p 0.99p 23%
St Kitts and Nevis Landline 12.56p 6.99p 44%
St Kitts and Nevis Mobile 12.56p 9.99p 20%
St Lucia Landline 13.03p 6.99p 46%
St Lucia Mobile 14.56p 9.99p 31%
St Vincent and the Grenadines Landline 12.33p 6.99p 43%
St Vincent and the Grenadines Mobile 17.47p 11.50p 34%
Spain Landline 1.05p 0.79p 25%
Spain Mobile 13.03p 9.99p 23%
Trinidad and Tobago Landline 7.39p 5.49p 26%
Trinidad and Tobago Mobile 7.39p 6.99p 5%
Turks and Caicos Islands Landline 11.62p 6.99p 40%
Turks and Caicos Islands Mobile 15.19p 7.99p 47%
U.S. Virgin Islands 2.23p 1.49p 33%
United States 1.40p 1.15p 18%

That’s an average saving of 31% for our customers!

See our full international tariff, or sign up for your free account and start saving now!

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