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Our New Market-Leading Rates to India

Monday, October 5th, 2009

To celebrate the upcoming Diwali festivities we’re announcing our new low rates to India

Rate per Minute
GBP & EUR rates inc. VAT
India Mobiles 1.3p 1.8¢ 1.5c For full details please see our India rates page.
Major Indian Cities 1.5p 2.0¢ 1.7c
Other India Landlines 1.6p 2.2¢ 1.8c

These fantastic new rates are effective immediately, and there are no expiry dates, no minimum top-ups, and no other terms or conditions required to participate. It’s also not just a temporary promotion – these are our new rates to India going forward!

This latest round of reductions reaffirms Localphone’s position as the best value for money international call provider in the market. Our direct digital connections to India’s largest carriers give us crystal clear call quality that is second to none. Our ongoing commitment to negotiating better rates and passing the savings on to you means the big brands simply can’t compete.

I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty that has made great rates like these possible. Let’s continue to work together to drive down the cost of calling India and the world.

Best wishes,
Paul Cusack, CEO.

Great New Rates to Bangladesh and Pakistan

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Update: Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response we’ve already been able to reduce the Bangladesh rate further!

Thanks to your continuing support we’ve been able to discount our rate to Bangladesh to just 2.4p GBP / 3.3¢ USD / 2.7c EUR per minute, and our rate to Pakistan to just 5.3p GBP / 7.4¢ USD / 5.9c EUR per minute.

These new low rates apply for all calls to landlines and mobiles, and are effective immediately. We’ve partnered with the largest carriers in Bangladesh and Pakistan to provide a direct digital connection to your friends and family, offering unrivalled call quality and reliability.

Bangladesh and Pakistan have always been among our most popular destinations and as we continue to grow we’ll keep negotiating for lower rates on your behalf. The more calls we handle the stronger our position is when we work with our suppliers, so don’t forget to recommend Localphone to your friends and family — you can even earn free credit when they top up.

Thank you once again for choosing Localphone to handle your calls. With your help we’re building the world’s premier international calling service and we look forward to continuing to provide you with high quality calls at market-leading rates.

Best wishes,
Paul Cusack, CEO.